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Heidi Montag offers Amanda Bynes shelter even though she doesn't know her

Mon, 10 Nov 2014

Heidi Montag is such a sweetheart. While many in Hollywood would just turn away, the former Hills star sent a public invitation to troubled actress Amanda Bynes to come stay with her.


Chrissy Teigen Not Sorry about her Ottawa Shooting Tweets

Fri, 24 Oct 2014

Chrissy Teigen has previously admitted she regrets what she says on Twitter "all the time," but now, after receiving backlash for a series of tweets about the recent shooting in Ottawa, Canada, John Legend's wife is refusing to back down.

Chrissy Teigen Lends Support to Amanda Bynes

Tue, 14 Oct 2014

Add Chrissy Teigen to the long list of Amanda Bynes supporters.

Amanda Bynes’ parents are happy that she’s receiving proper care

Mon, 13 Oct 2014

Amanda Bynes mental rant and consequent psychiatric hold has been the headline for the past few weeks. The actress’ latest intervention at least has her parents happy.

Amanda Bynes' Mother Speaks Out After Daughter's Claims about Sexual Abuse form Father

Mon, 13 Oct 2014

Amanda has since recanted her allegations on Twitter, writing, "My dad never did any of those things The microchip in my brain made me say those things but he's the one that ordered them to microchip me."

Lena Dunham believes Amanda Bynes is a great writer

Sun, 12 Oct 2014

While the rest of the Hollywood community seems to be alarmed about Amanda Bynes’ state of mind, Girls’ creator Lena Dunham thinks that the actress is a great writer.

Amanda Bynes Vehemently Denies Going Crazy

Fri, 10 Oct 2014

Now that Amanda Bynes is back on Twitter, she'd like to speak for herself.

Nick Cannon Breaks his Silence Over his Allegedly Troubled Marriage

Fri, 10 Oct 2014

Nick Cannon appeared cool and collected during a recent interview while talking about the extra public and media attention he has been receiving as a result of rumors about his and wife Mariah Carey's relationship.

Hilary Duff Talks to Andy Cohen about Ex Boyfriend Aaron Carter’s Repeated Love Confessions on Twitter

Thu, 09 Oct 2014

For Aaron Carter, Hilary Duff will always be the one who got away.

Amanda Bynes believes she’s got a microchip in her head

Thu, 09 Oct 2014

Well Amanda Bynes might be losing it! In her latest claim to In Touch magazine, the actress said she believe she has a microchip inside her head. But it doesn’t end there.

Amanda Bynes is Doing Fine- Takes a Bike Ride Around New York City

Tue, 07 Oct 2014

Amanda Bynes is ready to give New York City a spin!

Amanda Bynes Caught with a Band-aid on her Face

Mon, 06 Oct 2014

Amanda Bynes has been seen once again; only this time she was spotted walking the busy streets of New York City solo and wearing a band-aid on her cheek.

Amanda Bynes’ Parents Did not See Her Arrest Coming

Thu, 02 Oct 2014

Amanda Bynes' family hoped for the best, but they ultimately saw signs of trouble ahead.

Amanda Bynes gets kicked out of school

Wed, 01 Oct 2014

Things just keep getting worse for Amanda Bynes this week. It turns out that her DUI arrest on Sunday was the least of her worries as more bad news comes to light.

Amanda Bynes Behind the Bars for Being under the Influence of Stimulant

Tue, 30 Sep 2014

The question running through most people's minds right now presumably is, "Oh, Amanda Bynes, what happened?!"

20 Awesome Celebrity Photobombs

Mon, 16 Jun 2014

It has happened to us all including the biggest and hottest celebrities. Photobomb or the act of crashing in on a photograph uninvited or unintentionally. It doesn't matter. You just made the picture so much more awesome and ridiculous. Thanks for that!

Amanda Bynes Mom says daughter has no mental illness - marijuana responsible

Fri, 11 Apr 2014

Amanda Bynes’s mother talks about her daughter’s condition

Amanda Bynes turns 28

Thu, 03 Apr 2014

Amanda Bynes, the nickelodeon star is celebrating her 28th birthday on Thursday and it has been quite a scandalous year for her.

Amanda Bynes shows considerable progress after rehab – Court credits mother for the change

Wed, 12 Feb 2014

Amanda Bynes was going through a lot of trouble sometime ago and had to undergo an inpatient program. The young actress was diagnosed with bipolar disease and schizophrenia and was in rehab for almost 3 months.

Amanda Bynes Keeps Up with her Workouts after her Rehab stint

Wed, 29 Jan 2014

Rehab seems to have suited well for Amanda Bynes. The troubled actress was recently seen outside a Los Angeles gym, as her father dropped her off for her workout. Amanda was in rehab for about 6 months. Amanda looked well and fresh as she stepped outside the gym.

Amanda Bynes spotted shopping grocery with parents post rehab

Mon, 09 Dec 2013

After rehab Amanda Bynes was spotted with parents and a private escort doing grocery shopping. She seems spending quality time now since undergoing last four months in-patient treatment for schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder.

Amanda Bynes out of Rehab – wants to study Fashion

Thu, 05 Dec 2013

Amanda Bynes, who has been in the news for more wrong reasons than right is finally out of Rehab. The ‘All That’ star, who was a placed in an involuntary psychiatric hold after an incident that lead to a fire breakout was reported. After the psychiatric treatment, she was also in a court approved rehab in Malibu.

Amanda Bynes re-enters rehab after three weeks of hospitalization

Mon, 30 Sep 2013

Amanda Bynes has left hospital after three weeks and entered rehab center, reports TMZ. The news has also been confirmed by her parents Rick and Lynn Bynes releasing a statement via their lawyer.

Amanda Bynes unfit to appear in court for 2012 DUI arrest trial

Tue, 24 Sep 2013

Amanda Bynes was unable to appear in court this Tuesday for her 2012 DUI arrest citing mentally unfit to stand the trial.

Twitter account of Amanda Bynes hacked

Sun, 01 Sep 2013

Amanda Bynes' Twitter account says 'I love Drake' after being hacked resulting in more than 20,000 re-tweets unknowingly. Later her attorney Tamar Arminak announced the troubled star's Twitter account has been compromised.

Mental health hospitalization of Amanda Bynes extended for 30 days

Sat, 10 Aug 2013

Mental health hospitalization of Amanda Bynes has been extended for another thirty days. Ventura County judge granted this temporary conservatorship to her mom who can have control on her personal well-being and manage her finances too.

Amanda Bynes' parents say she is paranoid pothead

Fri, 26 Jul 2013

Amanda Bynes' parents said her daughter is a hyper-paranoid pothead asking the court to put her under their conservatorship on Friday. However, Judge Glen M. Reiser has avoided rushing to act and scheduled the next hearing on August 9 to make a decision only after meeting one-on-one with the star.

Amanda Bynes' psych hold extended for 2 weeks

Fri, 26 Jul 2013

Amanda Bynes will stay in the psych ward for two more weeks. A judge on Thursday granted the request of her parents to not let her free today after completing the 72-hour-hold that started on Monday.

Amanda Bynes goes pantsless chasing gasoline-soaked dog Monday night: Eyewitness

Thu, 25 Jul 2013

A Good Samaritan said Amanda Bynes stripped of her pants to chase pet dog Pomeranian soaked in gasoline Monday night and almost ended up a casualty for which she was forced to be on mental lock down.

Amanda Bynes undergoes mental health evaluation

Tue, 23 Jul 2013

Amanda Bynes has been hospitalized for a mental health evaluation. She was placed on a 5150 welfare and institutions code hold by police yesterday night.

Amanda Bynes wears aqua wig in today's court hearing

Tue, 09 Jul 2013

Amanda Bynes wore a lovely aqua wig to court on Tuesday for the hearing of few charges hovered on her in May this year.

Amanda Bynes tweeted Obama & family are ugly

Mon, 08 Jul 2013

Amanda Bynes now has turned her ugly campaign to Unites States President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama.

Amanda Bynes discloses having removed her breast implants

Fri, 21 Jun 2013

Amanda Bynes announced she has removed her breast implants to get back to her natural size.

Miley Cyrus reacts 'Sad' after Bynes' tweet she is ugly

Wed, 12 Jun 2013

Miley Cyrus says "Sad" to herself in her latest tweet after Amanda Bynes called her "ugly" on the social platform yesterday. The same day she also fired back during interview with Hot 95.5 radio.

Amanda Bynes stepping into hip-hop career with Chinga Chang Records

Mon, 10 Jun 2013

Amanda Bynes has been offered a hip-hop record deal by music producer Daniel Herman of Chinga Chang Records, who revealed while talking to RadarOnline.

Amanda Bynes rejects job offer from Playboy Radio

Thu, 06 Jun 2013

Amanda Bynes is learned to have rejected an offer from Playboy Radio to host her hour-long show on daily basis. She was first offered just a guest co-host spot to which she refused too.

Stars expresses concern over mental illness of Amanda Bynes

Sat, 01 Jun 2013

After her arrest last week for reckless endangerment and thereafter threatening to sue New York police for sexual harassment, Amanda Bynes seems making headlines daily feuding with stars including Perez Hilton, Rihanna, Jenny McCarthy, Courtney Love and model Chrissie Tiegen on Twitter.

Amanda Bynes tweets Lance Bass is an ungly ex-boy band member

Thu, 30 May 2013

After firing Chrissy Teign and Rihanna on Twitter recently, now Amanda Bynes called Lance Bass as an ugly ex-boy band member who has got no career and no talent.

Bynes fires on Twitter Chrissy Teign is ugly

Wed, 29 May 2013

Amanda Bynes tweets calling Chrissy Teigen and Courtney Love ugly, adding two more enemies after bashing of the NYPD.

Amanda Bynes released, tweets she does not drink or do drug

Sun, 26 May 2013

Amanda Bynes spoke out she does not drink or do drugs after getting released from custody on Friday. She was arrested on May 23 on charges of criminal possession of drug, reckless endangerment and tampering with evidence.

Amanda Bynes arrested for marijuana possession

Fri, 24 May 2013

Former actress Amanda Bynes has been arrested by police on Thursday night from her midtown apartment on charges of drug possession. The officers caught her throwing marijuana from her apartment window.

Amanda Bynes Confesses....

Mon, 06 May 2013

I had a nose job!

Amanda Bynes Bares It All!

Thu, 02 May 2013

Takes two topless Twitpics on Tuesday.

Amanda Bynes calls Jay-Z ugly face on twitter

Fri, 08 Feb 2013

Actress Amanda Bynes has shocked many twitter members after she branded Singer Jay-Z photo ugly face on twitter,she was quick to delete the post,but everyone has seen it!

Amanda Bynes is moving from her New York apartment

Fri, 01 Feb 2013

Actress Amanda Bynes is paying for her sins after her landlord threatened to evict her because she is a disrespectful rule-breaker.Apparently she has been smoking weed in a non-smoking building.

Amanda Bynes threatens to sue a tabloid for claiming she got naked in a tanning salon

Thu, 01 Nov 2012

Amanda is ready to fight yet another bad report and this time, she is threatening to sue a tabloid that reported that she walked naked in a tanning salon with completely no clothes on and did not care that people were looking at her.

Cooper On Lohan

Thu, 20 Sep 2012

Anderson Cooper definitely has a lot to say to Lindsay Lohan today. Apparently, just hours before Lindsay was arrested, he already had a few things to say about her tweeting.

Bynes In Rehab

Mon, 17 Sep 2012

We have just learned that Amanda Bynes is currently checking into a rehab in an undisclosed center in Southern California.

Amanda Does It Again

Thu, 13 Sep 2012

It was just reported recently that Amanda Bynes was caught with a DUI case. This time around, however, she was spotted smoking a joint while driving around LA on a suspended license.

Bynes Case Re-Opened

Mon, 27 Aug 2012

It looks like Amanda Bynes will not get out of this one as easy. She often got out of trouble by her gorgeous looks and fame. But after yet again another hit and run case, a certain LA City Attorney is taking another look at her previous cases.

Amanda Gets Into Another Car Accident

Tue, 21 Aug 2012

Amanda Bynes is fresh out of her previous car problem. But here she is again! She was yet again involved in a car accident Monday night.

Amanda Goes Hit And Run

Mon, 06 Aug 2012

Amanda Bynes is yet again facing a case of hit and run. A Los Angeles resident just filed a police report against her for hit and run. Bynes apparently rear-ended the LA girl's car and drove off without giving any sort of identification or insurance information.

Amanda Bynes Announces Retirement From Acting At 24

Mon, 21 Jun 2010

Former Nickelodeon child star Amanda Bynes has retired from acting. The "Hairspray" star has announced her retirement from the industry at the ripe old age of 24.

Zac Efron Celebrates 21st Birthday With Co-Stars At An Exclusive L.A. Bash

Mon, 20 Oct 2008

Zac Efron celebrated his 21st birthday with an exclusive party on Saturday night.

Richard Gere And Debra Winger To Reunite On Broadway?

Wed, 17 Sep 2008

Rumor has it that Richard Gere is the favorite to replace Bill Pullman in the upcoming remake of "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" starring opposite Debra Winger.

Amanda Bynes Involved In A Minor Car Accident

Mon, 25 Aug 2008

"She's The Man" star Amanda Bynes has been involved in a minor car accident on Saturday. Police says the actress was to blame for the slight mishap.

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Amanda Bynes in total black at Diana Madison’s Holiday party in West Hollywood

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