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Courtney Love Sued By Former Assistant

Wed, 11 Jul 2012

It was just reported that Courtney Love is being sued by her former assistant. The said ex-employee claims that the singer asked her to break the law by asking her to find a computer hacker and a forger or someone who is good in counterfeiting documents.


Courtney Love Is The Subject Of New Fashion Blog

Wed, 04 Aug 2010

Courtney Love was a fashion icon for about five minutes when she cleaned herself up circa 1997 and became the face of Versace and covered Harper's Bazaar. But for the most part, she's just bizarre. But with a new fashion blog, she's hoping to get back to her red carpet heyday.

Courtney Love Is The Subject Of New Fashion Blog

Wed, 04 Aug 2010

Courtney Love was a fashion icon for about five minutes when she cleaned herself up circa 1997 and became the face of Versace and covered Harper's Bazaar. But for the most part, she's just bizarre. But with a new fashion blog, she's hoping to get back to her red carpet heyday.

Courtney Love Reveals Lesbian Fling With Kate Moss

Thu, 20 May 2010

Courtney Love had sex with Kate Moss. In a yet another explosive revelation, the Hole singer claims she had a lesbian sexual fling with the British supermodel.

Courtney Love Says She Had Affair With Gavin Rossdale While He Was Married To Gwen Stefani

Tue, 27 Apr 2010

Promoting Hole's new album "Nobody's Daughter," Courtney Love is making the rounds. But whenever speaking is involved, press is sure to come her way. This time, Love admits to having an affair with Gavin Rossdale...while he was married to Gwen Stefani.

Courtney Love Hates Name, Wants To Be Called Michelle

Wed, 21 Apr 2010

Courtney Love is dead, the Hole singer declares. The singer, whose real name is Courtney Michelle Harrison, is changing her professional name from Courtney Love to Courtney Michelle.

Courtney Love Thinks Robert Pattinson Is Wrong To Play Kurt Cobain

Thu, 15 Apr 2010

Courtney Love thinks Robert Pattinson playing Kurt Cobain is "silly" and "stupid." The Hole singer denies rumors that she handpicked the "Twilight" heartthrob to play her husband in an upcoming biopic.

Frances Bean Cobain Keeping Mom Courtney Love Away From Her

Mon, 12 Apr 2010

Courtney Love doesn't have to wait until daughter Frances Bean Cobain turns 18 before her lost in her guardianship and legal control becomes permanent. Frances was apparently victorious in keeping her mother from controlling her during a hearing Friday.

Judge Extends Restraining Order Against Courtney Love-

Fri, 12 Feb 2010

Courtney Love is not getting any love from her daughter this Valentine's season. A judge has just extended the restraining order filed against the former Hole rocker, which means she must refrain from contacting daughter Frances Bean Cobain until April 9.

Courtney Love Countersues: $352,000 In American Express Charges Not Mine

Sat, 02 Jan 2010

No, I di'nt, Courtney Love is telling American Express.

Domestic Violence Mentioned In Courtney Love-Frances Bean Cobain Custody Drama

Thu, 24 Dec 2009

No one outside Courtney Love and daughter Frances Bean Cobain's circle knows the real reason why Frances asked a judge to turn over her guardianship to her grandmother. But according to court files, "allegations of domestic violence" may have taken a role.

Courtney Love Claims Britney Spears Was Molested By Her Dad

Thu, 26 Nov 2009

Courtney Love has unleashed a bizarre tirade on her Facebook account. The former "Hole" singer accuses Jamie Spears of molesting his famous daughter Britney on the social networking site.

Courtney Love Reveals Johnny Depp Once Saved Her Life

Mon, 28 Sep 2009

Johnny Depp once saved Courtney Love's life. The "Pirates of the Caribbean" star had to give the Hole singer - who has a history of drink and drug abuse - the kiss of life when she collapsed after a heavy session.

Courtney Love Suffering From Malnutrition

Wed, 01 Jul 2009

Courtney Love is reportedly suffering from malnutrition. The "Celebrity Skin" singer - whose recent frail and thin appearance has caused concern - admits she has spoken to doctors about her dramatic weight loss and is determined to get healthy again.

Courtney Love Sparks Health Fears After Dramatic Weight Loss

Wed, 24 Jun 2009

Courtney Love's dramatic lost weight has sparked fears for her health. The Hole singer raised concerns after photographs were released of her looking gaunt as she stepped out of a cab in New York this week.

Courtney Love Trashes Hotel Room With Pink Dye

Tue, 09 Jun 2009

Courtney Love trashed a hotel room with pink dye then left without paying. The former Hole singer - who is preparing to launch her own clothes line - reportedly fled from Los Angeles' Chateau Marmont hotel after staining her luxurious suite with fabric dye.

Courtney Love Owes Over $300,000 In Credit Card Debt

Thu, 28 May 2009

Courtney Love owes over $350,000 on her credit card. American Express filed a lawsuit against the former Hole singer in the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles yesterday, alleging she "failed and refused to make payments."

Courtney Love Accused Of Terrorizing Fashion Designer Dawn Simorangkir

Fri, 27 Mar 2009

Courtney Love has been accused of trying to "terrorize and destroy" a fashion designer.

Fashion Designer Sues Courtney Love Over Clothes Fiasco

Fri, 27 Mar 2009

Courtney Love has been sued by a fashion designer who claims she has become "the latest victim of Love's volatile personality, hair trigger temper, and malicious and tortious behavior."

Courtney Love Planning To Move To Britain

Wed, 11 Feb 2009

Courtney Love is moving to the U.K.

Courtney Love "Obsessed" With Japan

Wed, 28 Jan 2009

Courtney Love is "obsessed" with Japan. In a confusing blog on her MySpace page, the former Hole singer reveals she can't get enough of a female Japanese artist.

Courtney Love Slams PETA And Defends Decision To Wear Animal Fur

Tue, 30 Dec 2008

Courtney Love has defiantly admitted that she is a "a fur whore" and has asked People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to "f--- off" if they don't like it when she wears her antique fur coat. In her recent MySpace post, Love writes, "My ancient Ermine - yep I'm a fur whore, if its 100 years old I'm f**king into it."

Courtney Love Denies Suicidal Tendencies

Tue, 18 Nov 2008

Courtney Love has denied she is suicidal. The former Hole singer - who sparked fears for her mental health at the weekend after she flooded her MySpace blog with more than 60 entries - admits she occasionally gets depressed but insists she isn't considering taking her own life.

Courtney Love Uses MySpace To Find Housekeeper

Wed, 24 Sep 2008

Courtney Love is advertising for a new housekeeper on MySpace. The former Hole singer has grown so tired of orthodox agencies, she is resorting to the unconventional method to find a "non-freaky, non-thieving" employee.

Courtney Love Spends $300K On Daugher Frances Bean's Over The Top 16th Birthday Party

Thu, 04 Sep 2008

Courtney Love spent $300,000 on her daughter's birthday party. The Hole singer - who is the widow of the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain - spared no expense in ushering Frances Bean into adulthood at her "RIP childhood" themed 16th birthday.

Courtney Love Credits Hypnotist For Dramatic Weight Loss

Mon, 28 Jul 2008

The former Hole singer has been seeing the TV weight-loss guru - who wrote bestselling self-help bible I Can Make You Thin - since piling on the pounds after quitting drugs.

Courtney Love Brands Steve Coogan As "Mean" And "Sociopathic"

Wed, 23 Jul 2008

Courtney Love has branded ex-lover Steve Coogan "mean" and "sociopathic." The singer, who briefly dated the British comedian in 2005, says Coogan left her in a "dark" place.

Courtney Love Sued For Failing To Share Nirvana's Publishing Rights

Wed, 23 Jul 2008

Courtney Love has been sued for allegedly duping a business management and accounting firm over a percentage of Nirvana's publishing rights.

Courtney Love Suffers From A Panic Attack Before Meeting Gwyneth Paltrow

Fri, 18 Jul 2008

Courtney Love had a panic attack on the way to stay with Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin because she thought she wasn't "good enough" for them.

Kurt Cobain's Ashes Stolen From Courtney Love's Home

Mon, 02 Jun 2008

Courtney Love is reportedly "suicidal" after her late rocker husband Kurt Cobain's ashes were stolen from her Los Angeles home.

Did Courtney Love Want An Abortion?

Tue, 27 May 2008

Courtney Love was advised to abort Kurt Cobain's child.

Courtney Love Banned From Virgin Airways For Smoking

Mon, 14 Apr 2008

Courtney Love was banned from a flight for smoking.

Courtney Love To Move To English Countryside

Mon, 24 Mar 2008

Courtney Love can't wait to ditch "dirty Los Angeles" for "cleaner England." The former Hole frontwoman is looking for a quaint English countryside home to have a healthier place to raise her teenage daughter.

Courtney Love Slams Bipolar Reports

Wed, 12 Mar 2008

Courtney Love slams critics for bipolar reports. The Hole rocker has expressed her dismay over claims that she has bipolar disorder after she reported identity thieves bought a house using her late husband's name.

Courtney Love Hearts Josh Hartnett, James McAvoy

Wed, 27 Feb 2008

Courtney Love has a crush on Josh Hartnett and James McAvoy. The singer-and-actress admits 'Black Hawk Down' actor Josh has grown on her since they first met.

Frances Bean Cobain Insists She's Not Her Parents

Sat, 09 Feb 2008

Her famous parents were associated with the rock n' roll lifestyle but Frances Bean Cobain insists she's not her parents.

Courtney Love Finally Gets The Help She Needs

Fri, 01 Feb 2008

Courtney Love has revealed Orlando Bloom has helped her stay off drugs. The former Hole singer claims she and the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' actor meet daily to perform Buddhist chants together, which help her stay clean.

Courtney Love Tells Britney To Get Help

Thu, 31 Jan 2008

Courtney Love urges Britney Spears to get help. The rocker, who had her share of drug addiction, gives the pop star advice to reach out before it gets worse.

Courtney Love Loses, Then Finds $100K Earrings

Thu, 27 Dec 2007

Rocker and Golden Globe-nominated actress Courtney Love had been the latest victim of thievery Wednesday. The 43-year-old widow of Kurt Cobain had her $100,000 pink diamond earrings and yellow drop earrings stolen from her New York hotel room.

Courtney Love Lashes Out At Her "Cheating, Lying" Bank Manager

Mon, 17 Dec 2007

Rock artist Courtney Love blasts her bank manager on her blog Thursday.

Courtney Love: Being A Single Mother Is Hard

Tue, 11 Dec 2007

Rock musician Courtney Love finds being a single mother hard. The 43-year-old widow of Kurt Cobain says she's trying her best in bringing up her daughter to the late rocker.

Courtney turns wild on her birthday

Fri, 13 Jul 2007

Singer, Courtney Love celebrated her 43rd birthday by getting drunk and

Courtney Love reveals her secret
to weight loss

Wed, 04 Jul 2007

Courtney Love says the secret to her recent dramatic weight loss is the result of

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