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Sherri Shepherd Wins the Custody of her Son

Wed, 23 Jul 2014

Sherri Shepherd has won the custody battle for her son Victor in the latest legal battle with her ex-husband Jeff Tarpley.


"The View" co-host Sheri Shepherd gets engaged.

Wed, 05 Jan 2011

When ABC's "The View" returns from a holiday hiatus, co-host Sheri Shepherd will have some big news to share: she's engaged.

Sherri Shepherd Talks 3000th Episode Of "The View"

Thu, 23 Sep 2010

Sherri Shepherd was the final ingredient added to "The View," the high-rated, ultra-popular and more relevant than ever daytime talk show which took the water cooler conversation, gave it a twist, and took it to the next level. Shepherd was the last host to officially climb on board back in 2007 and the show is now celebrating its 3000th episode, of which she's only been present for the last few hundred.

Sherri Shepherd's Ex-Husband Tired Of Being The Punchline Of Her Jokes

Fri, 12 Feb 2010

It must be tough to have an ex-wife on a television talk show every day, discussing not only every day news events, but also her current and past personal life. Well, Jeff Tarpley, the ex-husband of "The View" co-host Sherri Shepherd, has had enough.

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