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10 interesting things about Ed Sheeran

April 24, 2015 Taylor Swift, Ellie Goulding, Harry Styles, The Wanted, Niall Horan, Ed Sheeran, One Direction

Ed Sheeran's won hearts since he gatecrashed the pop scene in his own sweet ginger way. The English singer and songwriter has amassed a massive fan-following - known as Sheerios - but doesn't mean his entire life is an open book now.

We dig deeper and came up with these amazing facts about talented and adorable Sheeran that even his die-hard fans would have missed:

1. He dated Ellie Goulding

He dated fellow Brit Goulding for a short while and kept their romance super secret till they were snapped holding hands at the 2013 VMAs. She apparently cheated on him with his BFF Niall Horan of One Direction.

2. He wrote a song for One Direction

He co-wrote Little Things for One Direction that is featured on their second album Take Me Home.

3. He's loves to make peace

Sheeran once tried to broker peace between warring British boy bands One Direction and The Wanted. It didn't last long though but kudos for the effort.

4. He wears his mom's work

His mom Imogen is a jewellery designer and he even more one of her charity bracelets.

5. He names his guitars

Lloyd, Felix, Cyril, and Nigel are the names of some of Sheeran’s guitars.

6. He's a tattoo guy

Who da thunk? Ed's got lots of tattoos and he even got a Red tattoo to celebrate touring with his pal Taylor Swift. He believes tattoos are of the landmarks in his life.

7. He owns a farm

He's essentially a farm lad and owns his own in his hometown in Framlingham.

8. He inked Harry Styles

He once gave Harry Styles a tattoo of a padlock

9. He's a Nando's Black Card holder

He holds a Nando's Black Card, which is elite food chain card that not so easy to obtain.

10. His cat has its own Twitter account

His cat Graham has his own Twitter, although G’s feed has been quiet for a while.

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By: Maverine Lane

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