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10 Mega-Stars that Married Regular People!

March 18, 2013 Brad Pitt, Jenna Fischer, Julia Roberts, Marcia Cross, Matt Damon, Reese Witherspoon, Ryan Phillippe, Tina Fey, Jerry Seinfeld, Jeff Bridges, Chicago, Benjamin Bratt, Grace Hightower

Celebrities often get sucked into Hollywood, and their entire lives become paparazzi, glamour, and calculated PR choices. Very often these stars date, marry and have kids - it's all so expected and rarely works out! However, not all stars work this way. These 10 a-list celebs chose to buck the system and marry regular folk!

Matt Damon marries Bartender

Matt Damon was shooting the movie Stuck On You in Miami when fate decided to have its way with Matt!

According to Celebrity Baby Scoop this is how it happened:

“I had never really hung out in Miami and one night in the middle of the shoot, the crew, a couple guys, said, ‘We’re going to get a beer somewhere.’ I said, ‘I’m not really into it.’ They said, ‘Come on,’ and kind of dragged me along,” Matt says of that fateful night.

“We ended up at a bar where my wife was the bartender. I literally saw her across a crowded room…and eight years and four kids later, that’s my life."

“I don’t know how else our paths would have crossed if that didn’t happen…The moral is that when you’re tired, suck it up and go to the bar because you might meet your wife,” Matt laughed.

Marcia Cross marries Random Guy in Flowershop

Desperate Housewives seductress Marcia Cross was in a flower shop in L.A. when something captured her attention. A regular joe. She saw Tom Mahoney, a stockbroker, who looks like your eighth-grade science teacher.

Marcia left her number with the shop owner, and then wham-bam, romance; two years later then duo was hitched.

People Magazine recently asked Cross about her beauty regimen. Her reply was that love kept her looking great - "I think that beauty comes from being happy and connected to the people we love, and his love makes me feel beautiful."

Jeff Bridges marries Waitress

The husky, melodic-voiced Jeff Bridges met his wife on the movie set of a flick he filmed long, long ago titled 'Rancho Deluxe. On set his future wife, Susan Geston, was working as a waitress.

In an interview with Reader's Digest Bridges stated:

"It took me all day to finally get up the nerve to ask her out. And she said no."

Yet, it did eventually pan out for Bridges and the two have a glorious, healthy marriage.

Jenna Fischer marries Screenwriter

The star of the Office, Jenna Fischer fell in love on the set of a movie she was producing and acting in 'The Giant Mechanical Man'. And she fell for its writer!

In an interview with the Vulture Fischer talks about The Giant Mechanical Man and tells how it happened!

"I attached myself as a producer and actor to the movie. Then, for the next six or eight months or so, Lee (her future husband) was writing the movie, and he would turn in different drafts, and I would give him my thoughts," told Fischer.

"Very slowly, over those months, our meetings started turning into dates. I was hesitant to tell him that I was developing feelings for him because this is my first producing job. I wanted to be professional! And here I am, falling in love with the writer."

The rest is history.

Julia Roberts marries Cameraman

While shooting 'The Mexican' with Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts fell in love with a cameraman named Danny Moder.

The love affair had a couple of hitches. Moder was married and she was dating actor Benjamin Bratt.

However, those kinks were undone and two years later the couple was married.

Nick Cage marries Waitress

Nick Cage met waitress Alice Kim when she got his table at Le Prive, a restaurant in L.A. It is reported that Cage was infatuated with Kim, and started frequently the sushi bar where she worked very often.

The Mamot's Hole reports that 'In fact, it was at that restaurant — while she was on duty at the cashier — that Cage gave her a diamond ring as a symbol of his love.'

Reese Witherspoon marries Agent

Reese Witherspoon had a thing with Ryan Phillippe. And, after that she and the blue-eyed dreamboat Jake Gyllenhal had a spicy romance. And then, something unexpected happened! Reese fell for an average joe! She met a talent agent, Jim Roth, and the two were enraptured with each other. They tied the knot in 2011 and soon after welcomed their baby boy Tennessee James into the world!

Tina Fey marries a Guy Who Took Her to the Museum before she Hit it Big

The recent host of the Golden Globes, and 30 Rock creator/star Tina Fey, fell in love with Jeff Richmond, a composer, before she was famous.

Vanity Fair reports:

"The couple fell in love after spending just a day together at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry. After dating for seven years, the couple finally had a Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony"

Richmond now composes the score for Fey's hit series 30 Rock

Jerry Seinfeld marries Girl From Gym

Jerry Seinfeld met public relations specialist Jessica Sklar at a gym in New York City. Sklar had just gotten back from her honeymoon!

Their chemistry was too powerful, and Jerry and Jessica eventually married and had children.

Robert Deniro marries Philanthropist

Robert Deniro married Grace Hightower, a philanthropist, and the two have had some marital problems but continue their relationship, welcoming a surrogate child into the world a little over a year ago. Deniro, now 69, is now a father of a young sprout!

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