Rihanna Wants To Become An Actress
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Rihanna Wants To Become An Actress

August 27, 2007 12:00 am CDT 

The 19-year-old pop star has been inspired to act by her idol Madonna who has starred in a host of films, including 'Evita', 'A League of Their Own' and the much-derided 'Swept Away', which was directed by her husband Guy Ritchie.

"I want to get into movies. If the right project comes along I would definitely take it. It would be great." said the ‘Umbrella star’.

She is keen to follow in the footsteps of many other successful singers, including her pop rival Beyoncé Knowles, and swap the recording studio for the big screen.

"Any artist could have done the music which appeared on her first two albums but her latest songs were ones only a certain artist could do. She has also reinvented herself throughout her career and moved into different areas. I want to be the black Madonna." said the pop star.

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