Owen Wilson Attacks Photographer In Miami
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Owen Wilson Attacks Photographer In Miami

March 13, 2008 Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson has charged a photographer for taking his picture, it has been claimed. The comedian, who had just resume working after his attempted suicide, has reportedly caused a scene when he attacked a shutterbug at a Miami party.

Photographer Manny Hernandez had decided to take the 39-year-old actor's picture when Wilson confronted him. He said after he took the shots, the "Wedding Crasher" actor charged at him and started screaming hysterically for the pictures.

Hernandez tells Page Six about the incident: "I've been shooting in Miami for 18 years and I have a good reputation. A lot of friends and clients were there, and that looked so bad for me."

A witness adds, "There were 150 people who watched Wilson jump across the pool, making a complete a** of himself."

Wilson's rep explains the actor's side, "He was invited to the event and was promised there would be no media there. He didn't yell at anybody."

The actor had been taken in a hospital in California on August 26, 2007 after a reported suicide attempt. He had allegedly slashed his wrists and took an overdose of pills. He had shunned public life for a while after the dreadful incident. He is currently working on a film with Jennifer Aniston called "Marley and Me."

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