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20 Awesome Celebrity Photobombs

June 16, 2014 Amanda Bynes, Amy Poehler, Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Beyonce Knowles, Catherine Zeta, Claire Danes, Hilary Duff, Jay Z, Jessica Alba, Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom, Rihanna, Tina Fey, Vanessa Hudgens, Michael Douglas, Vin Diesel, Dustin Hoffman, Jack Black, Chris Tucker, Michael Cera, Robin Thicke, Bryan Cranston, Fergie, Beyonce, Bill Clinton, Justin Bieber, Lena Dunham

It has happened to us all including the biggest and hottest celebrities. Photobomb or the act of crashing in on a photograph uninvited or unintentionally. It doesn't matter. You just made the picture so much more awesome and ridiculous. Thanks for that!

1. Miley Cryus & Amanda Bynes

2. Vin Diesel (Photobombing: Jay Z)

3. Vanessa Hudgens

4. Hilary Duff (Photobombing: Bill Clinton)

5. George Bush (Photobombing: Arnold Schwarzenegger)

6. Michael Cera

7. Amy Poehler (Photobombing: Tina Fey)

8. Bryan Cranston

9. Fergie & Jessica Alba

10. Angelina Jolie & Catherine Zeta (Photobombing: Michael Douglas)

11. Justin Bieber

12. Anne Hathaway

13. Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr

14. Lena Dunham (Photobombing: Claire Danes)

15. Jay Z & Beyonce Knowles

16. Jay Z

17. Robin Thicke (Photobombing: Jay Z)

18. Rihanna (Photobombing: Chris Tucker)

19. Angelina Jolie (Photobombing: Dustin Hoffman & Jack Black)


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By: Maverine Lane

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