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21 raw and honest snapchats from Taylor Swift

December 16, 2014 Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Anna Wintour, Emma Stone, Lena Dunham

Taylor Swift's been a rage this year. Ever since her album 1989 broke all records, there's been absolutely no stopping the songstress and her popularity too surged with haters getting converted to Swifties for good.

And if that's not enough, we've got 21 awesome snapchats featuring Taylor that sure to prove that she's "a nightmare dressed like a daydream."

1. Don't care

Frankly my dear, she doesn't give a damn about what you think

2. The thought process

Taylor can lost in thought at the most inopportune of times

3. The side-eyed one

So you think you are better? You definitely can't top Taylor

4. Taylor's Angels

When Taylor and her supermodel girlfriends get together, there's not stopping them

5. Taylor can get bored too

Taylor goes all innocent in this snap and she's kinda cute no?

6. Taylor's better than Miley

Miley's got nothing on Taylor as far as her music's popularity is concerned. At least she's got love for her.

7. The WTF moment

Taylor would smile even if she's got no clue what you are babbling about

8. The hottie Taylor

Victoria's Angels or not, Taylor can steal the show and maybe even your boyfriend when she's looking like that

9. The blank-faced one

That moment when Taylor blanked out during her awards speech

10. Don't piss Taylor off

Better not ruffle her feathers when she's in that mood. Snapped during her live performance of Blank Space earlier this year.

11. The frenemy treatment

There's no bad blood between these two or is there? Friends turned enemies Katy Perry and Taylor face-off albeit in a different way.

12. Shocker! Suprise!

Her face says it all. 1989 not only crushed competition and set new records but it ensured it trampled all competition along the way.

13. Looking down at you

Taylor and Lena Dunham have a chat that she won't be remembering much about

14. Taylor's protective look

Taylor and Vogue editor Anna Wintour look as intimidating as ever making their style statements

15. Taylor's all grown up

This year Taylor's taken a new persona and why not? She's the queen Tee now

16. The gorgeous hair twirl

Taylor looked as amazing as ever in her current avatar

17. Taylor and Emma are unimpressed

Taylor and Emma Stone look unimpressed at what they have seen. Not wise to lock horns with these two now.

18. No fun like Taylor fun

This girl can bring the house down when she decides to party

19. One is never enough

Why grab one grabby when you can have four? And we are not talking about 1989 yet. That's only up for contention next year.

20. Just leave please

Just let the lady be. Taylor just wants you to shake it off and leave her alone.

21. In style now

Guess who's reigning now haters? A platinum record and a surge in popularity, Taylor's here to stay

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By: Maverine Lane

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