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50 Reasons why Jennifer Lawrence Rocked in 2013

March 25, 2014 Kristen Stewart, Meryl Streep, Sarah Jessica Parker, David Letterman, Ryan Seacrest, Jack Nicholson, Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence, Billy Bush

If you don't already know by now, Jennifer Lawrence is probably the hottest star in Hollywood right now. More than just her acting skills, her quirkiness, fun-spirit and eloquence makes her so hot. Here are 51 reasons why she is the coolest celebrity in Hollywood, or in the world for that matter, in 2013.

1. For making the most perfect fall when receiving an Oscar.

2. For telling us all that it is ok to shit in your pants.

3. For photobombing the queen of fashion, Sarah Jessica Parker.

4. For daring to make Kristen Stewart smile.

5. For looking even more awesome in a pixie cut.

6. It is rude for anyone to flip someone off at the Oscars, but not Jennifer.

7. When she suffered a wardrobe malfunction...

8. And yet remain awesomely cool about it.

9. Even Dior came knocking on her door.

10. And so did Vogue...

11. All while wearing this pants... in public.

12. Which probably prepared her for this dress.

13. Even nerdiness is no match for her.

14. For taking Ann Hathaway's role and rocking it.

15. For proudly showing her chubby fingers.

16. For flirting with Jack Nicholson.

17. For looking silly.

18. For just being totally honest.

19. For throwing the queen of all sissy fits.

20. For letting her hair down, no matter the situation.

21. Need we say more?

22. Yeah, we probably do.

23. For eliminating Ryan Seacrest and Billy Bush for all of us.

24. For showing us it is ok to be star-struck.

25. For not being afraid to brag... even at the expense of Meryl Streep.

26. For telling us it is alright to love fries.

27. For being supremely eloquent.

28. For drinking champagne like a man.

29. See what we mean?

30. For loving America's favorite food.

31. Really really loving it.

32. For relaxing on her balcony with no makeup.

33. For having a food-orgasm during an interview.

34. For taking the most scary selfie.

35. For being willing to share just about anything.... really.

36. For acting like a puppy with Josh Hutcherson.

37. For being able to read... an actual book.

38. For using Saturday Night Live to put fellow Oscar nominees in their place.

39. And making sure they stay in their place.

40. For having dance moves that can put PSY to shame.

41. For looking adorable while cuddling in a blanket on David Letterman.

42. For making an ex-President laugh.

43. For showing us everything while not showing us anything.

44. For going out of her way to hug a young fan.

45. For representing all that is right in America.

46. For actually speaking stuff that makes sense.

47. And philosophical too.

48. For saying it like it is.

49. For telling us about her butt plugs.

50. And of course, for showing us that family is everything.

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By: Maverine Lane

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