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Daniel Radcliffe Exposes A Scandalous Fact About Harry Potter

August 14, 2014 

Harry Potter fans can stop frothing at the mouth, it is not that big!

During a rapid-fire Q&A with Vogue, the Harry Potter star dropped a massive bomb on die-hard fans of the series.

When inquiredabout a fact that nobody knows about the bespectacled wizard, Radcliffe had a lot to say!

"He really didn't need glasses," Radcliffe pseudo admitted. "That was just a fashion statement." OMG!

The actor kept shooting witty answers as he was asked additional 72 questions.

Radcliffe had a lot to reveal in the 6 minute clip. He confessed that he preferred boxers over briefs and that he preferred dogs over cats. "Who chooses kittens?" he joked.

All the ladies who still have a teeny-weeny crush on Mr.Potter, youíre in luck.

"[I like] somebody that makes me laugh," he revealed, when he was asked about his greates turn-on (while playing table tennis at the same time). And when asked what drives him absolutely crazy, "Somebody that says stupid things," he replies.

No wonder he is well loved by all!

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By: Maverine Lane

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