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Daniel Radcliffe Speaks about Alcohol Abuse

June 16, 2014 Daniel Radcliffe

The harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe is coming out about his struggle with alcohol-a substance he's abstained from since 2010.

"I would have benefited from not drinking as it was not making me as happy as I wanted to," he told Sky Arts, as excerpted by Hello.

"It is not a real pressure, but it is a pressure of living with the thought, 'Oh, what is all these people are saying I am not going to have a career?'" he said. "What if they are all going to be right and will be laughing and I will be consigned to a bunch of 'Where are they now?' lists?'"

Clearly, this hasn't been the case for Daniel. He's worked steadily since the final Harry Potter hit theatres in 2011, making a name for himself with movie and TV roles while also balancing a career in theatre, including performances on Broadway and London's West End.

"People don't shout 'Harry Potter' at me now. They tend to know my name, which is lovely," he said. "But I will always credit the opportunities I get to Harry Potter. I would not be a happy person if I was bitter about those ten years of my life."

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By: Maverine Lane

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