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Lea Michele and Her New Lover

June 12, 2014 Cory Monteith, Lea Michele

Lea Michele has been spotted with Matthew Paetz who is an aspiring model and actor who has appeared for Michelle’s "On My Way” video.

The two met on the set of her video and "she's having fun, but it's not extremely serious," the source added.

Another source tells us that Paetz is "very sweet and a really great" guy.

According to TMZ, Paetz was employed by Cowboys4Angels, a service offering male "companionship" for women. The site's owner, Garren James, had no comment on whether he previously or still worked for them.

On his Facebook profile, Paetz bills himself as a dating coach and has recently posted advice such as, "If this isn't what you have, Leave," along with a link to a story about the importance of not settling for the wrong person.

Another source tell E! News, "He will be great arm candy and he is a very nice guy, and is a lot of fun." Moreover, "he is very into being in a relationship and loves being in one. He is the kind of person who will want to be with that person all the time, but in a good way. And he is a good listener."

Michele spoke about Cory Monteith, her glee co-star who dies of a drug overdose last July .The actress while speaking to Vogue magazine for its January 2014 issue said, "I somehow feel the insane love Cory and I had for each other morphed into this strength that I have right now," Michele said in the January issue of Teen Vogue. "There's just something about knowing he's watching everything I'm doing and feeling like I have to do everything now not just for me but for him. I also have a safety net below me—if I fall or if it's too much, my friends and family will be there to catch me."

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By: Maverine Lane

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