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Adele - Pregnant With First Child

June 29, 2012 Adele

Adele just confirmed that she is with child! The singer is now pregnant with his man, Simon Konecki. The two apparently got close since last year when she was recovering from her vocal cord surgery.

Simon, as seen in some recent photos with Adele, is definitely a bear of a man and he is around 14 years older than Adele.

There's some evidence that he is married but separated. According to sources he's well educated and doesn't really need Adele's fortune for family money.

There are still uncertainties whether he's still married or not but Adele apparently claim he is totally divorced on her blog a few months ago.

And again, Adele gave the news about her pregnancy first hand in her very own blog.

So, let's just hope that this doesn't halt Adele's career. Whenever asked, she doesn't seem to have a straight answer on when her next album will come out. Sometimes she answers it would take a year, other times it would take months.

So, after the baby, how long do you think will the next album be released?

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By: Maverine Lane

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