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Akon Says Jay-Bey Marriage Feels like Corporate Arrangement

August 6, 2014 Jay Z, Akon, Beyonce

There’s much speculation about Jay Z and Beyonce’s marriage. “They’re madly in love!” “They’re splitting!” The rumors making rounds get more and more aggressive by the day.

R&B star Akon recons that the reason for this is the fact that they have kept their private life under strict wraps fueling a lot of speculation.

The rapper was in D.C. and spoke to a photog and talked about celebrity relationships. According to him the super couple always presents their relationship in a very formal and corporate way rather than a real relationship. It feels more like a business agreement and not an actual relationship.

According to him, celebrities need to be frank about their relationships with their fans or there may be a lot of rumors about their relationships, the kind Jay Z and Beyonce dodged lately.

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By: Maverine Lane

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