Al Roker - On A Mission To Destroy Today Show
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Al Roker - On A Mission To Destroy Today Show

August 23, 2012 Ann Curry, Al Roker, Matt Lauer, ., Savannah Guthrie

It seems like .com/celebs/al_roker'>Al Roker is now allegedly doing everything to trash the anchors and sabotage live moments of the Today Show. People actually think that he is doing this to revenge his friend, .com/celebs/ann_curry'>Ann Curry.

Roker tried to fire off another zinger with the anchors .com/celebs3/matt_lauer'>Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie in a live segment today. Guthrie joked that Roker will be perfect for a wax museum because he pulled a certain weird frozen face during a live segment. Roker fired back saying, "We ARE in a wax museum, so it all works out pretty well."

Aside from that, Roker just accused his colleagues, particularly Matt, of throwing people under the bus.

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