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Alex Reid claims his ex knew he was heterosexual but still wanted to marry him

November 20, 2012 Katie Price, Chantelle Houghton

Since reality TV star Chantelle Houghton and her cage fighter ex-fiance broke up in September,a day hasn’t passed without the pair making news with negative vibes about each other.

This week Reid has hit back at Chantelle saying she knew he was a cross dresser but she wanted to marry him anyway. Reid said he has slept with men and prostitutes and Chantelle knew about it. Chantelle however said he had told her he only cross-dressed during his marriage to his ex-wife Katie Price for a publicity stunt.

Speaking to Now magazine,Reid said “I described myself as try-sexual once. But I’d say I’m a heterosexual guy who likes a bit of kinkiness.I’m obviously sexually liberated and very open-minded.

“But Chantell knew everything before we got together.Was she the only person in this country who didn’t know I was a cross dresser?

“Chantelle saw me as Roxanne (alter-ego),he continued “ I told her that I’d sexually experiment with all sorts of weird and wonderful things and I’d tried practically everything”.

One part of his weird sex life that he hadn't told Chantelle he says was the fact that he slept with men as well. He said he did not tell her until after their baby Dolly was born.

The 37-year old said “In my younger years I did experiment with men but that was before I met Chantelle or Katie.

“After we had Dolly I sat down and made it clear that I’d slept with men back in the day.But she still wanted to marry me.

“In my youth I was curious and experimented but I soon found out that I preferred sex with women.That is why I married Katie and got engaged to Chantelle.

Reid added that he wanted to be with a woman and spend the rest of his life with a woman he loves. He insisted that he never cheated on Chantelle. “Chantelle’s publicly accused me of cheating on her with men and women and turning our home into a sex dungeon.

“I want to make it absolutely clear that whatever I’ve done in my past,from the day I told Chantelle that I loved her,I never cheated on her.

He also insisted that although he had slept with prostitutes,that was before Chantelle and it was a long time ago. He said “I’ve slept with prostitutes but that was a long time ago. A lot of men have done that”.

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By: Maverine Lane

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