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Alex Reid now demands for money from his daughter’s trust fund

November 7, 2012 Chantelle Houghton, Alex

Ever since her break up with cage fighter fiancé Alex Reid, Chantelle Houghton has been airing dirty laundry about her fallen relationship thanks to her New! magazine column. This time, Chantelle is wondering if Reid fathered their daughter just for financial gain.

She wrote “He’s been emailing saying he wants half of the money we got from the first photo shoot we did when Dolly was born. He’s not having it. That is Dolly’s trust fund.

“A journalist once referred to her as our ‘quarter-of-a-million-pound baby meaning we’d make money by doing shoots with her. Alex later said to me, “what happened to our quarter-of-a-million-baby? Now I am thinking, is that the reason you had the baby with me?”

Being a single mother is clearly for the brave hearts and Chantelle has been having a hard time. In her first interview after the split, she broke down in tears saying although she is financially okay, bringing up the baby alone is very hard.

The reality TV star then shocked her fans when she wrote that her fiancé had created a ‘sex dungeon’ in their rented home in Brentwood when she was eight months pregnant. She also accused Read of texting ladies asking them for sex and racy pictures. On the Saturday Night show in Ireland, the former Celebrity Big Brother star claimed that a man was responsible for ending her relationship with Reid.

While some reports emerged that she enjoyed his drag alter-ego Roxanne, Chantelle denied saying she did not know his sexual preferences when they started dating last year.

In her column she said if Reid had told her his sexual preferences at the start, she would never have been with him. She said “He ultimately took a decision away from me that shaped my whole future. I hate him”.

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By: Maverine Lane

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