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Anne Hathaway gives it back to a paparazzo by leaving dog poop on his car hood

December 30, 2013 Anne Hathaway

Being a celebrity comes with its share of problems, and the biggest of them all are paparazzi’s who keep hounding them day and night. Luckily for some stars, quick thinking and a sense of humor comes in handy when getting square with paparazzi’s. Anne Hathaway is one such celeb who used her quick thinking to ‘punish’ a paparazzo who continuously hounded her while she was walking her dog last week.

Anne was extremely irritated by this particular paparazzi who wouldn’t allow her to peaceful walk her dog. So once her dog, Esmeralda, did the deed, Anne wrapped the dog poop in a bag and placed the same poop bag on the hood of the paparazzi’s car.

Well, we say, it was really witty of Anne to give it back to someone who wouldn’t let her be. As far as the paparazzo is concerned, we really hope he has learnt his lesson and finally has understood where to draw a line.

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By: Maverine Lane

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