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Ariel Winterís guardian to be has had financial problems

November 21, 2012 Ariel Winter

Getting Ariel Winter is going to cost Shanelle Gray an arm and a leg after her financial history surfaced. Apparently Shanelle filed for full-blown bankruptcy in 2000,with assists totaling to $385 and debts totaling to $42,561.89 TMZ has reported.

According to reports, Shanelle declared a grand total of $10 and $75 in her checking account. Among her other possessions, she listed a bed, dresses an alarm clock and a radio. Nothing more than that.

Shanelles mother Chrystal Workman has been against the move to have her eldest daughter granted guardianship and termed her unfit. She argued in court that Shanelle is only targeting Arielís money but does not care about her at all.

Although she appointed as the 14-year old's temporary guardian, Shanelle did not ask to control or access Arielís money.

TMZ also informs that currently,Shanelle owns an actorís studio in Los Angeles. They however do not know how she is doing financially but at least not ranking in the $75k per week that her baby sister makes on Modern Family.

Arielís mother on the other hand is said to have emotionally abused her daughter. Chrystal is a bit desperate after L.A County Department of Children and Family Services found that she had emotionally abused the teen actress. The DCFS now recommends that Chrystal should be permanently stripped off custody

Speaking to TMZ, Chrystal said she wants to see her daughter because she loves her very much.

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By: Maverine Lane

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