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Ariel Winter threatened to make her mother pay for confronting her over her older boyfriend

November 14, 2012 Ariel Winter

TMZ has revealed that Modern Family star Ariel Winter attached her mother and threatened to make her pay for confronting her over her 18-year old boyfriend.

Arielís sister Shanelle Workman earlier hired a lawyer who told court that their mother was a terror on the set of Modern Family and the producers and others there have expressed grave concern. This information prompted the judge to remove Ariel from her motherís care making her elder sister Shanelle her guardian temporarily.

According to the lawyer, the teen actress is apparently struck repeatedly, slapped, hit, pushed but her mother is smart enough that she has not left any marks on her body.

Shanelle also informed the judge that their mother sexualizes the child. She showed court a picture of Ariel dressed up to show off her breasts and otherwise

On the counter attack, Mrs. Workman said ďShe is an actress so Iím sure she can cry at the drop of a hatĒ, meaning Ariel could have forged the story and even cried to make the judge to believe her.

TMZ also reports that the people on the set of Modern Family were sneaking food to Ariel because her mother deprived her of food.

This family battle is really fishy. Arielís sister told court that she was abused by her mother 20 years ago and that is why she left the home. Her mother on the other hand said the allegations are not true and that Shanelle run away with a gang member wannabe and they found her at a crack house. Her brother Jimmy also said he was in the house 20 years ago and the abuse never happened.

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By: Maverine Lane

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