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Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn talk about Pretty Little liars

July 8, 2014 Ashley Benson, Travis, Luke Kleintank

In the ABC Family hit's epic 100th episode, airing tonight at 8 p.m., Tyler Blackburnfinally makes his return to Rosewood after the cancellation of the Ravenswood spinoff. But another hottie has managed to win over Hanna (Ashley Benson) while he was off dealing with ghosts, curses and whatnot: Travis (Luke Kleintank), her new BF. Still, it's not easy to forget your first love. (Especially when he looks like Caleb, right?!)

"Caleb now knows that Travis is her boyfriend, and for Hanna, she finally moved on and accepted that she can be with somebody else," Ashley Benson previewed for us when we visited the PLL set for the 100th episode. "But I think they are going to have a really fun storyline together and kind of find who each one is. I think they're both lost on who they are and I think they are going to come together and go through this great story."

But will Caleb even be interested in winning Hanna back when he first returns? One thing's for sure: He will definitely be brooding!

He's definitely not coming back with a clear mind," Blackburn teases. "He has been through a lot and a lot of it is very hard to believe, so I think he's tortured and he comes back a little bit reluctantly. It takes him a little bit of time to settle back in."

However, there is "hope" for Haleb. Come on now, did you really think PLL would just let one of its most epic relationships just wither and die?

"There's hope for them, for sure," Blackburn assures us. "It's rocky in the beginning, because they just have had so much distance between them physically and also just mentally. They went from being in love to barely speaking. There is hope."

For more scoop from Benson and Blackburn, including why this is her favorite season for Hanna so far (hint: booze!) and who is the Robin to Blackburn's Batman, watch our interviews with them above!

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By: Maverine Lane

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