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Barbara Walters talks about her Vibrator and also shares its name

February 18, 2014 Woody Allen, Barbara Walters

Yeah…We know not a lot of people will be thrilled with this piece of news but then here it is anyways. Barbara Walters revealed something that the world was better off without knowing. The 66 year old talk show host said she has a vibrator and she even has a special little name for it.

Barbara calls her vibrator ‘Selfie’. Well from the name, it doesn’t sound like the sex toy can be too old coz selfie was recently named as the word of the year. Hmmm, please remove those disturbing images from the head because Barbara is much talented than being talked for her sex toys.

The 66 year old talk show was recently in the news for defending Woody Allen in the molestation case. Now after talking about the vibrator, the world can step away from the fact that she blindly defended Woody and have something else to talk about…

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By: Maverine Lane

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