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Best of Kaley Cuoco in a Bra

September 15, 2014 Kaley Cuoco, Pink

There is no doubt that guys appreciate Kaley Cuoco's lovely knockers. I mean, they are beautiful and almost works of art on her.

Best thing is, Kaley is not ashamed to admit that getting breast implants was the best decision that she has ever made. She was 18 then at 2004 and have enjoyed the attention she gets from her new upgraded and improved boobs. And she says that she will 'do it again in a heartbeat'. Fortunately, she has gifted us all with lots of opportunities to appreciate them in a bra. So here are just some of the best pictures of Kaley Cuoco Bras.

Pink and beautiful in the Big Bang Theory

A more complete picture for better appreciation

And just to be absolutely sure you got it.

And who can forget the mesmerizing water bra?

Bra for the outdoors

Sexy in Bra for Esquire Magazine

Kaley Cuoco Bra with lingerie

Wonderwoman Bra top

The sexy stripped bra

And more sexy Kaley Cuoco Bras...

And incase you don't already know, her bra size is 34C.

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By: Maverine Lane

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