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Beyoncé Too Needs Photoshop

August 13, 2014 Jay Z

We know, looking pretty takes a lot of hard work. Apparently it needs a touch of photoshop too!

The “Crazy in Love” singer uploaded a picture of herself relaxing on an outdoor couch post her nonstop trip with her husband, Jay Z, for their On the Run tour.

What’s wrong with relaxing you ask us? Well maybe the fact that the picture looks like it has been touched! This would not be the first time Bey has been accused of altering her Instagram pictures!

At first glance all you see is a flawless Beyoncé, with her perfect hair and make-up, looking into the distance. At second glance, you may spot hubby Jay Z’s reflection behind her.

She looks stunning and honestly it is hard to avert your gaze from the singer’s beautiful face.

Still, if you are fixated with the star, like we are, you’ll spot a cellphone on the table. On further inspection you will notice that the phone is a bit curved!

Maybe the phone is of a new curved design? Or the reflection of the sunlight is what’s causing the distortion! Certainly the singer didn’t get her picture touched! Or did she?

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By: Maverine Lane

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