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Beyonce plays secret Santa for shoppers at Walmart

December 23, 2013 Queen, Beyonce, Blue

Beyonce is known to be a people’s person and has time and again shown it. This time Queen Bee visited a Walmart’s chain in Massachusetts at 7 pm, which is considered a prime time for shoppers, especially with Christmas just around the corner. She went and bought a CD of her new album ‘Beyonce’.

Apart from that Bey also surprised everyone present at Walmart by gifting them a $50 Walmart shopping card. At that point of time, there were around 750 customers in Walmart and the total amount of gift cards she gave away amounted to a whopping $37500.Along with that, the singer also spent some time with a few fans, kissed a few babies and also bought a cute little doll for baby Blue Ivy.

Well this shows how classy Queen Bee is!! Another think she proved here was – EAT DIRT TARGET, as the shopping chain refused to sell her new album at their stores. Well bottom-line is, a lot of people where happy at the end of the day thanks to Beyonce!!

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By: Maverine Lane

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