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Beyonce's Super Bowl outfit criticized by animal groups and angry parents

February 5, 2013 Beyonce

No matter how HOT Beyonce looked at the Super Bowl half-time show,I knew there would be some groups talking and not long after the event,the singer's outfits have come under fire from animal rights group PETA and some angry parents who feel the out fit was too sexy,for such a mixed audience.

The leather outfit is reported to have been made from python,panelled iguana and leather.This materials as reported by the New York Daily News did not amuse the animal rights group because according to them she missed the mark on her non-animal friendly outfit.

In a statement,the group said "We would take a bet that if Beyonce watched our video exposes she'd probably not want to be seen in anything made of snakes,lizards,rabbits or other animals.

"Today's fashions are trending towards humane vegan options and Beyonce's outfit missed the mark on that score",the statement informed.

Apart from the animal rights group,some parents were not amused that the singer could dress like that when the Super Bowl was being watched by all age groups including children.Some people claim that at some point in the performance Beyonce had a nip-slip.

"This is a family event-did the woman need to dress like a harlot?" one parent commented on Huffington Post.

The designer of the outfit however will have nothing to hear of the claims.He said it was the biggest moment of his career.

Speaking to The New York Post the designer said I have to tell you,this is the biggest moment of my career".

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By: Maverine Lane

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