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Britney Spears Spent 30 Grand On Her Dogs

September 2, 2014 

Britney’s dogs have a life any human would envy, we know we do!

We got our hands on her conservatorship docs, and according to those legal files, the singer purchased two tiny puppies back in 2013. What’s so special you ask? They cost a little more than 13k! Yeah, you read that right!

In January, she purchased a white Maltese for $ 5,568, and spent $ 8,212 on a playmate for it in July, and bought a new Yorkie!

That’s $ 26k already!

Add in another $ 1,585 on clothes for the dogs, with a single spree costing $ 650.

She dropped another $ 5,205on a dog-sitter for her dogs; after all she couldn’t leave her babies alone, could she?

Add some common expenses like food, shampoo, vet fees, medicines to the bill and she runs up a total of $ 31,234.15.

Don’t think we are the only envious ones anymore!

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By: Maverine Lane

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