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Brittany Murphy May have Been Poisoned

November 18, 2013 

Yes, shocking but true! The young star that unfortunately passed away back in 2009, was considered dead due to natural causes. But what was more guffawing that her husband Simon Monjack died about 5 months after her with similar symptoms. Could there be any foul play at hand?

According to the LAPD, they had ruled out any foul play earlier as it was considered the young celeb and her husband died from pneumonia 5 months apart from each other. However, Brittany’s dad Angelo Bertolotti had his doubts about the cause of the death and went ahead and challenged the reports. He got an independent lab involved to get tissue, hair and blood samples tested.

As per the lab results, there were heavy metals that were detected in the samples, which were much higher than the World Health Organization level recommendation. The only way these could have been found in the samples were if both the deceased were accidentally exposed to, or if a 3rd party administered it to the deceased with a criminal intent.

If the shocking theory is considered then the perpetrators should be put behind bars as soon as possible.

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By: Maverine Lane

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