Brown Wears Rihanna On His Neck
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Brown Wears Rihanna On His Neck

September 11, 2012 Rihanna, Chris Brown, September, .

.com/celebs/chris_brown'>Chris Brown was just spotted with a new ink on his bod. And it pretty much looks like... Well, you know who? .com/celebs/rihanna'>Rihanna, of course!

The last date when Chris was spotted by photogs without the tat was actually on August 30. By .com/celebs/september'>September 1 a new homage to .com/celebs/rihanna'>Rihanna was suddenly spotted on his neck. So, it pretty much looks like he had the ink job some time between those two dates. So, that would be a week before .com/celebs/rihanna'>Rihanna kissed him during the MTV VMAs.

Chris insists that his tat is not .com/celebs/rihanna'>Rihanna but just a random woman. But you be the judge.

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