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Bruce and Kris Jenner are once more hit by divorce rumours

February 5, 2013 Kris Jenner

In a single day,Bruce and Kris Jenner are faced with many rumors among them is their rocky marriage that is headed for splits ville.

The pair has been brushing off stories that they are unhappy and their marriage is over,and even tried making appearances together to make people believe that they are a perfect unit.

A source has told Radar Online that the Jenner's are living a lie because their marriage is a disaster and the people around them are worried that they are going to divorce.

The source said the former Olympic athlete and his wife have been sleeping in separate rooms and everything they do now is just for the reality TV show.The source notes that them staying together is more profitable than when they break up.

According to the source,the reality TV stars also have to stay together for the sake of their children Kylie and Kendall.Kris cannot move out because she knows what a divorce would do to their family having gone through one with her former late husband Robert Kardashian.

Having been married to Kris for all this time, Bruce has made a lot of money but according to the source,he does not care about the fortune they have together.He does not understand why Kris is not content with what they have. He feels Kris' quest to make more money is the main reason why they are in this situation.

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By: Maverine Lane

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