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Cameron Diaz Explains Why Sex Tape Is Relatable for Parents

July 16, 2014 

Wait, what? That sounds like an odd thing to say about a racy movie, right? Cameron is apparently quite sure of what she feels about the film, though. Lets see what the actress has to say.

She claims that it will prove to be relatable for parents of young kids everywhere. After gushing about how much she loved working on the movie, and her on-screen daughter, Giselle Eisenberg, the actress says “How it is real, it's really relatable. Giselle has a hilarious scene in the movie where she talks about, you know, what is this all about where we go to sleep and we get up again, like 'when is this going to end?!'”

She also adds “And kids can really ask those questions that take you off guard as an adult and you have to think about those moments like, right, you're a kid, you don't really understand what this is about.”, and that while the questions asked by kids may seem naïve and innocent, there are times when even grown ups cannot answer them. “I think as an adult you stilldon't know what it's about."

She continues with “"I think that's what's really fun about this movie. It's so relatable. People who have kids are going to watch it and go oh my God, that's that kind of question my kids ask!"

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By: Maverine Lane

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