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Cara Delevigne and Suki WaterHouse Indulge in Madness

April 23, 2014 Bradley Cooper

Cara Delevigne and Suki Water House uploaded a photo of both of them goofing around in between shoots.

Suki, Bradley Cooperís current ladylove has posted numerous silly and fun pics on Instagram that show both Suki and Cara hanging out together.

Suki, flaunts some under boob in a monokini and Delevigne seems to pretend as if she is licking her armpit.

Suki captioned the photo, "Pitwash."

There is another pic where Suki is snuggling up to Cara and Cara has her hands wrapped around her while sticking out her tongue and pretends to be seductively licking Sukiís face.

"Shugapoo," Waterhouse affectionately dubbed the famous model.

These ladies seem to be having a ball on the sets.

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By: Maverine Lane

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