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Carmen Electra Spills on the Red Carpet

November 23, 2013 Carmen Electra

When we talk about Carmen Electra, people expect something loud and raunchy to come out of it. The former Baywatch star has been panned for fashion choices in the past and still continues the tradition. In a recent red carpet appearance, Carmen attempted for a more sophisticated look but miserably failed.

Instead of the usual short skirts and sleazy costumes, she went with a full length gown. She also used black sequined full sleeves to go along with it, which was perfect for the oncoming holiday season. But what spoilt the ‘what could have been’ sophisticated look where three large gaping holes on the top of the gown.

She opted for the usual cleavage baring top, which showed more boobs than what was bargained for and to top it up, the sleeves too had too large holes on both sides that bared side boobs from both ends. So just when we thought of seeing something classy from Carmen, she decided to stick to her usual style and spoil it all.

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By: Maverine Lane

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