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Celebrities May Have Been Victim Of A Phishing Scam

September 5, 2014 Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton

No, we did not misspell fishing; we really did mean “phishing.”

Don’t know what that is? Phishing is when you are sent an email, from authentic looking sources, which tells you there has been some problem with your account. The email asks you to reply with personal information, like username, password, credit card number, phone number, birth date etc., in order to take care of the issue. So, you provide the “hackers” with all your data, with which they can “hack” your id.

And this is what the FBI believes happened. Kate Upton and her boyfriend, Jennifer Lawrence, Lea Michelle and Mary Kate Elizabeth Winstead may not have been victims of an iCloud security breach, they were victims of a phishing scam!

Sources have revealed that the FBI is investigating the possibility of this happening. The insider has said that the celebs may have received a very authentic looking email, and believed they were providing the information to Apple.

Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence’s racy pictures were the first to hit the intern

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By: Maverine Lane

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