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Celebrities with a passion for sport

June 23, 2014 Alyssa Milano, Jack Nicholson, Billy Crystal, Baseball, Drake

There are many celebrities out there who decide to show a burning passion for a sport when something big is going on. The World Cup, for example, has brought them out in droves, claiming to be passionate about football all of a sudden.

You often get the impression that for many celebs an interest in a particular sport is probably more about creating a little bit more exposure for themselves on the back of a big event, like The World Cup or the Olympics, rather than an actual passion for what is going on. However, there are some celebrities who are passionate about certain sports or teams that play and here are just a few of them:

Jack Nicholson

He’s won three Oscars and been nominated for Oscars an impressive twelve times, but Jack Nicholson is just as passionate about supporting the Lakers basketball team as he is about acting. Nicholson has had courtside season tickets for over three decades now and his constant presence at games has provoked rumours that he actually fits his acting schedule around the basketball season, rather than the other way around, but there’s no real evidence to back this up. Jack has two courtside seats that he pays over $100,000 a-piece for every season.

Whether Jack goes the extra mile and has a punt on his favourite team when they’re playing, we don’t know. If he did, he probably would place his bets online via a site like Betfair and be able to keep his betting choices private. But he definitely gets passionate about every game he watches and has even argued with the referees at times, not to mention a few verbal exchanges with opposition players!

Billy Crystal

Comedian and actor Billy Crystal has plenty of events in his diary. He’s a busy man, not only acting but also managing to host the Oscars nine times. He does, however, seems to find time to support his favourite team – the New York Yankees. When he was a child his favourite player was Mickey Mantle and Crystal even managed to get his autograph one time, on a programme at a Yankees game. Years later, he met Mantle on a talk show and asked him to sign that very same programme again. This sparked a lifetime friendship between the pair, with Crystal even co-writing Mantle’s eulogy after his death. In 2008, Crystal fulfilled a personal dream by signing a one-day minor league contract with the Yankees and took part in the team’s spring training game against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Alyssa Milano

Former child singer and actress, Alyssa Milano, is another celeb who bears a passionate for sport and for both the New York Giants and the Los Angeles Kings in particular. Despite this, her favourite team, however, is in fact the Los Angeles Dodgers. She even launched her own clothing line, called Touch in 2007 and all the clothes were specifically designed for female baseball fans. In 2008, she added NFL items to the range and by 2013, NASCAR items were available too. Milano has even written a book called Safe at Home: Confessions of a Baseball Fanatic.


The Canadian singer and actor first became famous when he played a disabled former high school basketball player in the Degrassi: The Next Generation TV show. He went on to begin a successful music career but Drake has shown himself to be a loyal fan to the Toronto Raptors, his hometown team.

In fact in September 2013, Drake became global ambassador for the Raptors and when Toronto hosts the 2016 NBA All-Star Game, Drake will be there to promote the team. He’s also got involved in the design of the team’s clothing.

It just goes to show that not all celebs feel the need to support the biggest teams out there – if they love them, they stick with their team.

Non-celebs might not be able to get to every game, or pay for the best seats, but we can all enjoy our favourite sport in our spare time. If that includes having a punt on the action, then you’d be better off using a betting exchange like Betfair, where the betting margins are always better than you get with a regular bookmaker. Plus there’s the added advantage on Betfair that you can not only place bets, but you can also accept other people’s bets too, in what is known as ‘laying’ a selection.

Although it’s easy to be a true sports fan when you have lots of disposable cash to spend on seats and merchandise, we still take our hats off to these celebs who clearly have a real passion for their chosen teams.

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By: Maverine Lane

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