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Charlie Sheen and Denise Richard – It just gets ugly

March 19, 2014 Charlie Sheen, Lola

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richard are at loggerheads on the issue of the custody of their twin daughters Lola and Sam. The whole thing started around Christmas holidays when Denise didn’t include Charlie to be a part of their family celebration and apparently didn’t allow him to spend time with the girls.

Charlie has now found a unique way to get back at Denise; he has reportedly cut off her child support payments and also is kicking her out of his house, which she lives in with the girls. The house was bought by Charlie for Denise, so he could live around the girls but since he doesn’t get a chance to see them, he has put the house on the market.

Denise gets $55k as child support per month from Charlie, and as per reports he hasn’t paid a dime in the month for Feb and Mar. So if that it anything to go by, looks like Denise will be in real trouble soon.

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By: Maverine Lane

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