Charlie Suffers From Ear Infection
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Charlie Suffers From Ear Infection

November 1, 2012 Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards, Lola, .

There had been rumors that .com/celebs/charlie_sheen'>Charlie Sheen is yet again having issues with drug use. Contrary to the rumors, however, he is not hospitalized for drug issues. He was actually hospitalized due to ear infection.

This doesn't mean though that he is not partying hard, because he definitely is partying hard. But sources say he is already back in the set of Anger Management after battling his nasty ordeal with ear infection.

Even though Charlie is very infamous for his bad rep in the past few years, he apparently is doing better. Sources even say that he flew Sam and .com/celebs/lola'>Lola to New York for them to spend some time with their mom, .com/celebs/denise_richards'>Denise Richards.

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