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Cheryl Cole's mother wont allow Tre to propose

December 18, 2012 Ashley Cole, Cheryl Cole

Joan Callaghan, Cheryl Cole's mother has those motherly instincts telling her that it is a bad idea for Tre Holloway to propose to Cheryl.

Tre is reported to have asked Joan for her daughters hand in marriage and hoped to propose during a US trip.

Joan is not ready to see her daughter go through a rough patch considering having divorced Chelsea football player Ashley Cole.

Cheryl's friend told The Sun that mama Joan has no enthuse for the marriage.

Her pal said "Tre called her and said he wanted to propose to Cheryl when they are in the America with his parents.He wanted to do it on Christmas Day, but Joan refused to give her blessing.

"She is warming up to Tre but there's no way she is going to let another man take Cheryl down the aisle so quickly.

"Tre's got his work cut out if he thinks he can get around Joan soon", the source said.

Cheryl and Joan are very close and getting her approval is very important at this point.

The 29-year old singer started dating Tre around August and have grown really close.

Tre is said to be scoring more points with Cheryl's pals by not sponging cash off the star.

The source said "Tre, like scores of men want to marry Cheryl. But there is a lot of work to do to convince Joan he's not in this form money or fame".

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By: Maverine Lane

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