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Chris Brown Back in Rehab

November 21, 2013 Rihanna, Joyce

Well, for starters the news doesnít really surprise us. The R&B star has been in and out of rehab countless number of times and we know it isnít gonna stop any time soon. This time Chris is ordered back in rehab for another issue of anger management. But what is shocking is this time the object of his hatred (read anger) was none other than his own mother.

Chrisí mother Joyce Hawkins attended one of the family sessions with Chris two weeks into his rehab stint and requested the singer to complete the stay for an extended treatment. Chris didnít agree with Joyce and threw a fit, along with a stone at his motherís car window. Chris broke the car window and he was ordered out of the facility for his sudden outburst.

That was then and when Chris attended court today in regards with the Rihanna case, the court ordered 90 days stay in the anger management facility. As per the order, Chris is supposed to stay there as an in-patient for 90 days and is required to test for drugs while at the new facility.

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By: Maverine Lane

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