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Chris Brown gets a stern warning from his lawyer in court but also permission to go on his world tour

November 2, 2012 Rihanna, Chris Brown

I don’t dance, you don’t talk; is what Chris Brown’s lawyer Mark Geragos told Chris when he raised his hand to talk in the court proceedings pertaining the 2009 case, where the singer was accused of beating his then and now girlfriend Rihanna.

After the judge asked a question about Chris’ upcoming tour schedule, Chris raised his hand to talk but his lawyer lashed at him saying ‘you dance, I talk’, to which Chris laughed at his witty response. Geragos was asking the court for permission to allow him to go on a world tour.

The preceding judge, Patricia Schnegg gave the 26-year old permission to travel abroad but said he must return to court to made updates about the progress of his probation when the tour is over. He remains on supervised probation for felony assault for beating Rihanna in 2009. He however is reported to be making commendable and sincere efforts to comply with the terms and conditions of the probation. He was due to appear in court in January but starts his world tour visiting countries in Europe and South Africa from November 4th.

Despite having looked sharp in court earlier in the day Chris quickly jumped into his costume and headed to Rihanna’s Halloween party where he was dressed as a gun-toting Islamic terrorist. Together with his friends they wore beards, turbans and carried fake guns and bullets. On twitter, he said

“Aint nobody f****ing with my clique”, along a photo of himself and his mates striking poses!

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By: Maverine Lane

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