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Chris Brown sits though Frank Ocean's standing ovation at the Grammy

February 11, 2013 Chris Brown, Adele, Miguel

After having gotten into a fight outside a studio in Los Angeles,Chris Brown took the beef a notch higher when he sat through Frank Ocean's standing ovation during the Grammys last night.

Frank had beaten Chris and Miguel to win the award for the best Urban Contemporary Album.At the announcement of the winner everyone stood up to appreciate Frank but yours truly Chris sat down,in the front row,clapping.Miguel did not stand either so maybe that was just how to handle the defeat.

At that moment,Adele got up and gave Chris a peace of her mind. Although no one can tell what she said to him,it did not seem to have been kinds words.

Chris and Frank got into an altercation outside of Franks's studio over a parking spot.

Non of them has pressed charges and they both have different accounts of the night.

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By: Maverine Lane

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