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Chris Brown willing to Let Go of Phone and Internet but wants to keep his Weed while in Rehab

November 27, 2013 Rihanna, Chris Brown

Chris Brown recently checked in to rehab (again) for anger management and surrendered his cell phone and has given up on internet. However when the time came to give up his weed, he didnít let go easily and put up a fight. The singer is a court ordered rehab in regards with beating up his ex girlfriend, popstar Rihanna.

He requested the staff at the facility that Marijuana is prescribed medication for depression and he cannot do without it. He also tried his luck by saying that weed helps him in staying calm and that is something he would need to get through in the anger management program.

It is for us to see how long Chris can manage in rehab without the weed, especially since he has to spend 90 days. Incidentally Chris was kicked out of rehab within 2 weeks when he failed to control his anger and damaged his motherís car. We will just have to wait and watch, hopefully the young singer gets a grip on his anger soon and comes out a transformed person.

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By: Maverine Lane

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