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Ciara wants a clean environment for her baby

January 15, 2014 Ciara

Ciara, who announced that she is pregnant with fiancée Future’s baby has drafted a special baby clause, while travelling on the road with her man. She has demanded that the backstage area be extremely clean – no, she didn’t mean the dust and dirt; she referred to other pollutants which a pregnant woman should keep away from.

Ciara has strictly ordered that no one should smoke in the premises, she wants only healthy food around her and she requested the removal of other things that may harm her or the baby. Ciara, who kept her pregnancy from the world for a while now, is already in her 7th month and is extremely protective about her unborn baby.

This is Ciara’s first child, whereas Future already has two other children from previous relationships. Hmmm, so we completely understand Ciara’s obsession, which is obviously good for her and the baby. If only more expecting mothers were like her.

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By: Maverine Lane

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