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Clooney To Direct Another Political Film

June 7, 2012 George Clooney, Fidel Castro

There's no doubt in mind that George Clooney is the man! He can act, he can pull off a good old turtle neck and he even directs!

Since his first political drama The Ides of March, Clooney is yet again ready to bring you another political drama on the big screen.

Obama's very well known Hollywood BFF will be directing a film based on The Yankee Commandante. This was an article published in the May 28 issue of the New Yorker. It tells the real life story of William Alexander Morgan who was known to have helped Fidel Castro in overthrowing the Cuban government.

Given the work he produced in his previous film, it is clear to see that this is right up in Clooney's alley. There's no news on the cast yet, but the director can pretty much speak for the film itself.

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By: Maverine Lane

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