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Conrad Murray – Michael Jackson is Not the Father of any of his Kids

November 25, 2013 Michael Jackson

The prime accused in popstar Michael Jackson’s death, Dr. Conrad Murray brought to light the most baffling information while talking to the Daily Mirror over the weekend. The whole point of given out this information was to let the world know how close he and the King of Pop were.

He said that he used to hold Michael’s Penis every night; before you jump the gun; it was to fit a catheter as Michael didn’t have bladder control in the night. He further added that Michael didn’t know how to put a condom on, hence Murray had to help him with the catheter.

Murray revealed that Michael had in fact committed suicide as he was fed up with his illness and the mounting debt. As per Murray, Michael injected himself with Propofol due to which he went in to cardiac arrest.

The most baffling of the statements was when Murray said that though Michael has 3 kids, he isn’t the biological father of any of the kids. Well what the truth is, only Michael and the mother of his kids know. But as long as he loved the kids as his own, it really doesn’t matter Dr. Murray.

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By: Maverine Lane

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