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Country Singer Kevin Sharp dies at 43 after battling a prolonged illness

April 21, 2014 David Foster

Country Singer Kevin Sharp passed away at 43, on Saturday evening.

The singer, best known for his "Nobody Knows," dies due to complication owing to past surgeries and digestive issues. He had also battled a rare bone cancer in his teens according to his website.

The Make-a-Wish foundation had arranged for a meeting with him and the musician David Foster according to People. The meeting later went on to become a record deal.

"Four months into this new treatment, a woman I'd never seen before came to my bedside in the hospital," Sharp wrote, in a 2006 story for Guideposts magazine, according to USA Today. 'I'm from the Make-A-Wish foundation,' she said. 'We'd like to fulfil a wish of yours. Going somewhere you've never gone. Doing something you've never done. Or meeting someone special...you give me the name and we'll do everything possible to make it happen.'

Months after he met Foster, Sharp found out he had beaten cancer. "If there is one thing that might be more shocking than hearing a death sentence, it's hearing that death sentence lifted," Sharp wrote. "Finding your way back into life after being taken out of it for so long is harder than you might imagine."

Inspite of his health deteriorating in 2011, he still travelled around spreading a message of hope. "My life is performing and speaking, so not only does it keep a roof over my head, it keeps me going emotionally," he told Phyllis Stark of Country Weekly magazine in 2012. "If I didn't believe what I try to express and tell others, I wouldn't be here. Luckily, I believe in what I preach."

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By: Maverine Lane

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