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Diane Keaton Wants to Kiss the Most Men on Screen

May 26, 2014 Diane Keaton, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, Ellen Degeneres

Diane Keaton is one actress who is full of life.

Recently she appeared on The Ellen Degeneres show when she confessed that she wishes to lock lips with a lot many men on-screen.

Keaton professed: "What I've decided is that I would like as my goal in life is to be the woman in films who has had the most kisses with men on film, and I'm thinking that maybe 50 is what I'm going for."

The 68-year-old Oscar had made out on-screen with Michael Douglas and Morgan Freeman who she finds the most appealing.

Freeman plays her husband in the upcoming drama Life Itself and she describes his lips as luscious, adding, "You just put your lips up against him, and you just squeezed in, and it felt gooey and good. So I liked that."

However Keaton also liked Michael Douglas’s lips smacked with aggression—a kissing style she found appealing.

"What was exciting about him he was sort of like a pit bull. He kind of attacked me...I was acting sort of cautious, but in my heart of hearts, I felt the same about him and I wanted to just get right with it."

Her next goal is a comedian whom she thinks is “kind of a genius."

"Louis C.K.—that's the one I want right now."

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By: Maverine Lane

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