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Drake and Rihanna spotted having dinner in London

March 10, 2014 Rihanna, Drake

Another twist to the classic question – Are they? Aren’t they? Drake and Rihanna are openly painting the town red but of course they are outrightly denying any sort of romantic rumours. The alleged couple, who vehemently denies any sort of romantic relationship, has been on wining and dining sprees around the globe when they are not busy grinding against each other on stage.

Just later last week, the singers were seen wining and dining at Amsterdam on Thursday and just 2 days later, they were seen in London. Yes Drake and Rihanna were seen in London as they were grabbing dinner on Saturday. Before this they were seen together in Paris night club, where Drake was playing behind the console.

So if they are not in love, we wonder what they exactly are doing touring the world together and squeezing some quality dinner time in these visits. Definitely trying to fool the rest of us that they are nothing more than friends!!!

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By: Maverine Lane

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