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Drew Barrymore Reveals That She was Jittery during her First Pregnancy

May 6, 2014 Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore may come across really cool about her motherhood during the pregnancy of her first daughter, Olive.

But look like she had just put up a calm fašade.

"The first time I was really nervous the whole time. I definitely chose my battles. I don't like to bother people," she explained. "If it was something important or I was really worried, of course, I would call the doctor. But I was not that patient. I would just panic quietly inside." Said Barrymore while speaking to E!news.

Further speaking of her perfectly balance career and family life, she says,

"I would love to have long, thin arms. I really would but I don't. I can run a company, so maybe I am just going to have fatter arms and run a company wearing sleeves? That is my balance; nobody gets to have it all," she told the mag.

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By: Maverine Lane

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